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Workshop Training: How To Fill Your Pet Business with Your Ideal Clients Every Time

By Joshua Cary on July 18th 2014 – 4 comments

What if you could easily give your potential clients exactly what they were hoping to discover on your website even before they arrived? Here’s what I mean… I love magic. I’m a big fan of all kinds of card tricks. You know those card tricks where you “pick a card, pick any card” and after […]

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How Putting Up $38,000 For This Year’s Conference Scares the ‘Bejesus’ Out Of Me

By Joshua Cary on July 9th 2014 – 4 comments

Back in 2012, I had the opportunity to head to Vegas for a much needed break. While I’m never one to “turn off” completely, I knew that I’d love to be able to make some good ‘business’ use of my time away. One idea lead to another, and within just 2 months, I put together […]

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How to Build Your Pet Business Fast

By Joshua Cary on July 3rd 2014 – 11 comments

Which is more accurate when it comes to building, starting, and running a successful pet sitting business? Slow and steady wins the race. Or… The Fast and furious. I received an email recently from someone who wants to start their own pet business, and asked “How can I build a pet business fast?” Certainly, I […]

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10 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Running a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business

By Joshua Cary on June 30th 2014 – 5 comments

Do you love surprise parties? I know some people who secretly wish that every year someone would throw them a surprise birthday party. And I know others who need to know everything up front and dislike any sort of surprise (including one that results in a party!). Life is full of surprises. Personally, I enjoy […]

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Will Your Pet Sitting Clients Understand That You Are Taking Time Off To Attend A Conference For Pet Sitters?

By Laura Capra on June 29th 2014 – No comments

So, you’re a hard-working professional pet sitter working 24/7, 365. You’ve known for quite some time that a break (dare I call it a ‘vacation’?) would be amazing, but it’s far from possible, right? You want to get away for even a short time, enjoy that much needed break, learn a thing or two, network […]

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If you want to use your pet sitting website the best way possible to bring you more business, you’re in the right place.

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While SEO is certainly a big part of gaining more clients, if your website isn’t effective, what good will landing in Google do in the first place?

Let’s focus on every piece of the puzzle, one step at a time.

With my 12+ years of building websites and learning SEO techniques and design strategies, I was able to bring my wife and I’s pet sitting business to hit six figures during the first 12 months.

On this blog, I share with you everything I have done for my pet sitting business and countless of other pet sitters!

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