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Becoming a pet sitter and running your own pet sitting business is an incredibly exciting career path.

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Whether you are just starting out, or just starting to grow, you will find the needed tools, resources and support here at PetSittingOlogy.

josh cary photoMy name is Joshua Cary and as you make your way around, you’ll notice a common theme:

the majority of what I teach is grounded in easy-to-understand small business practice and the exact process by which I run my own pet sitting business.

This includes:

  • How to use your pet sitting website as your best form of marketing.
  • Really understanding search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Building trust and credibility online to grow your client base.

I use no tech jargon along the way, and simply help you take the steps that are right for you.

There Is More Than One Way To Bake A Cake!

Who doesn’t like cake? I love cake.

cake photoAnd just like there’s more than one way to bake a cake, I’ve quickly learned that there are many more ways to run a successful pet sitting business.

What works for you may not work for a pet sitter half way across the country.

Each of us has different goals, different needs, and different skills.

What I do is hand you the ingredients to bake every cake imaginable.

I want you to bake the best tasting cake possible and the exact cake that you, your friends and your family will love.

Deal? OK, no more cake analogy…

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PetSittingOlogy has been online since 2009 and there are plenty of articles and videos for you.

To give you a place to start, I’ve listed some favorites in three categories.

Your Pet Sitting Website

Hiring for Your Team of ICs or Employees

Other Videos You’ll Enjoy

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I love hearing from pet sitters at all levels of their careers. You can also find me in a few other locations online:

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