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You Make Everything Look GOOD!!

Nov 14, 2013 by Tori Lattig

I've been utilizing the website template for my own site ( since you created it and I am always more than happy with the ability I have to make it MINE and change anything and everything to fit my needs.
So, when I needed a website to promote my dog, who was just elected Pet Mayor of our town, I knew the PetSittingOlogy template was exactly what I needed.

It's been at least 3 years since I set up my business website and I was a little rusty updating the new site. Your step by step "How To's" made the transition very easy and I was able to navigate all the updates pretty painlessly.

I asked your team to help me fix the sliders to just show photographs only and they were so pleasant and helpful. Their work took the site to a whole other level overnight! Literally!

I am so pleased with the outcome of the site and I acan't wait to see how it performs for us.

Thank you so much to you and your stellar staff for creating such an amazing and easy to use website template that easily makes the website dream in my head a reality.

Best Decision I Ever Made

Oct 25, 2013 by Melissa McGinty

Can't say enough positive and wonderful things about Joshua and Petsittingology. I learned about them 2.5 year into my business as a professional dog walking and pet sitting business. Ordered the IC toolbox and he became my go to guy really. I then joined Petsittingolgy built a site for my business with Josh and he has always been there to help me whenever I have a question or issue with my site or the business. Thank You Josh and Petsittingology!
Truly want's to help other succeed in the pet care industry.


The Best Option!

Oct 22, 2013 by Karen Tennant

I am so glad that I switched to Petsittingology for my website! Not only is it much easier to navigate, add pages, change themes, etc....Josh and his team have the best customer service! Every question I ask gets answered quickly and accurately. The monthly fee is also all inclusive, no nickel and diming like others. I highly recommend anyone, even non-pet sitters use Josh and his team.

Many Thanks!

Jun 24, 2013 by Kim Hart

I just want to give a big shout out to Josh! I had been using the first version of his website without a hitch and just switched over to version 2. This did not go so smoothly. I immediately lost my email accounts!. We all know this could be a disaster because so many of us rely on this to communicate with our clients. Needless to say I was panicked. Even though this was a Sunday Josh came to the rescue and within couple of hours my lifeline was back up and running again. It's reassuring to know he's there for us. I can't thank Josh enough for responding so quickly and getting my email back up and running.

The Only Website You Need

Jun 24, 2013 by Jason Carlucci

When I created my business I began with iPage for my web hosting and template platform. It looked simple and easy to use, but one thing was missing..SEO! I never knew how much that is needed for directing prospects to your website when they search on Google and other search engines. Just days after going live with my new website on PetSitingology I was receiving traffic to my site, it was amazing. The word-press platform is also very user friendly and there are tons of videos to help along the way.
The best part of switching to PetSittingology was Josh and his team. They are there for you every step of the way. I have never met a founder of a company so involved and personable with his clients. It is very refreshing and comforting to know if something was to go wrong, Josh is there in a heartbeat to help fix it. His website support team is amazing as well, if you need something done and can not do it..shoot them a support ticket and you get a response back with step by step instructions on how to do it, or even a response back saying it is done for you already..FREE! the same day.. no additional fee per hour for work done. Just one small monthly fee and you are set! The contact form is also a great feature. I have had several use it to reach out to me. There is just so much to do within word-press also, that you will always be ahead of technology. I promise you will not be disappointed. I am so glad I switched! You will be too!

PS: If you already have a website somewhere else, do not panic, switching over was so easy and Josh and his team are there to help anytime with the process.

Fantastic product

May 17, 2013 by Anthony Mucci

After procrastinating for several months I finally moved my website from Intuit to PetSittingology. Needless to say it was the best decision I could have made. My new website is fantastic and Josh is great to work with.

The second day after bring my website live I received 3 emails via the contact form. A week later I received a call from a national magazine. They were doing a shoot at a local resort and needed a few dogs for their shoot. They called me because they were so impressed with my website.

The template can be modified to your liking and Josh is always there to lend a hand. I am now ranking higher than I ever have in Google searches. Thank you to Josh and the team at PetSittingology for offering such a wonderful product.

What a fantastic job!

Apr 05, 2013 by Armando Morales

Hi Joshua,

That seems to have done the trick, so I want to thank you very much for helping me out here.

I also want to take this chance to say that you that have been doing a fantastic job on your PetsittingOlogy site, as well as on the Facebook group page. You provide great content and value to the members as well as being extremely helpful to those who have questions. It's good to see I'm not the only one who occasionally comes across some problem.


You are a Blessing, Josh!

Mar 24, 2013 by Vanessa Sorace

Hi Josh,

I just wanted to send you a thank you for your wonderful webinars. I've been taking very seriously all of your SEO and website suggestions for months now and tonight I watched your SEO Webinar and while we have good ranking, I realized we were lacking some major pieces.

Our issue has always been that we pet sit in over 8 towns/cities. We now have each city linked to its own page so regardless of where our client lives, they will hit our page somewhere when they search for pet sitters in their city.

Thank you again for all your wonderful ideas. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

You really do give a lot back to our industry and I'm extremely grateful. I made some major changes to our website after watching your webinars. I thought we were in great shape until I realized how much better our SEOs could be! You are a blessing.

Vanessa Sorace, 2012 PSI's Pet Sitter of the Year

Way to go Josh Cary!

Mar 17, 2013 by Damiane de Wit-Guzman

I've got to commend Josh for seeing a need and creating a service that wraps it up in an easy to understand way. We all have website problems and don't know about SEO enough to do our own sites. Some sitters tackled it and learned to do it themselves but I just didn't really want to spend as much time on it as I was because the info was scattered and I'm clueless. I was spending so much time trying to do things on my own with little knowledge and it just led to frustration. Josh loves all this stuff so he became an expert and is teaching others. I wish I had thought of this myself, I would have to have someone else do the work hahaha!

Anyway... Way to go Josh Cary!

Awesome Website Support

Mar 11, 2013 by Cindy Vet

Josh and his support team are so awesome! For someone who is completely NOT a techie, the idea of changing over my website was a daunting task. The instructions, emails, vidoes and training manual were so easy to follow and Josh and his team were there to promptly answer all my questions...and there were quite a few! They had the patience of saints with me and I can not say THANK YOU enough!

Lots of information in a great format!!

Feb 26, 2013 by Vera Farwell

Just wanted to thank you for all you do. I purchased the 45 pet sitting. Well it took me a little longer but it wasn't because I didn't have the correct information. There is so much information in so many different formats. I too joined the APSE and there is even more info over there!! Excellent product! Thanks so much Josh for sharing your knowledge.


Feb 17, 2013 by Maureen McCarthy

I am so happy I had Josh do my website. I already had my first email from a new client. I love that Josh responds right away to help me with any problems I do need help with. I love that there is always someone to give me the info I am requesting.

I Can't Say Enough Good Things!

Feb 16, 2013 by Janeen Sanders

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your awesome customer service! I appreciate it. You and your service are awesome. Truly, I can't say enough good things about the good things you provide: the websites, the education, etc.

Best of everything to you!
Janeen Sanders, Fresno Pet Sitters

101 Basics of Blogging

Feb 13, 2013 by Karen Zorn

Joshua did a great job of explaining the importance and value of blogging regarding your business and website. I have been putting this off for a long time because I do not like writing so today I hired a gal that is going to blog three times a week, so I am very excited to get this started. Will give you an update soon. Keep up the good work, we love what you are doing for our industry.

How To Build A Pet Sitting Business

Feb 05, 2013 by Sarah MacDonald

I’d like to share a few excellent resources for aspiring pet sitting business owners. A year ago I was looking for information online on how to hire an Independent Contractor for my pet sitting business. I stumbled upon PetSittingology and the IC Toolbox. After considering several other options online I purchased the IC Toolbox and was up and running with my IC in a matter of days.

PetSittingology lead me to my next discovery the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence, which is a business oriented professional association for pet sitters. I quickly joined and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the content. Over the last year I have made A LOT of positive changes to my business and everything has come from PetSittingology and APSE. It’s how I discovered Leash Time, improved my website, & discovered the excellent advice of Bella from Jump Consulting.

The best part about it was that I really didn’t have to do much research or spend a lot of money, all these great ideas just started showing up in my inbox via the APSE newsletter & PetSittingology articles. I’ve since started blogging and now have an employee and am in the process of hiring additional employees. What I find really special about it is that these “important points” keep finding me; it actually makes it difficult NOT to change your business for the better.

For example, I could never seem to get the content right on my homepage, I just didn’t really know what to put up front and center. I watched a website review with Joshua Cary, he talked about making a connection with the client and highlighting your specialties on your homepage. It didn’t really sink in at first. Sure enough a few weeks later a blog article came to my inbox discussing the same home page topic, that’s when I finally got it.

I was able to finally get the content on my homepage that really showed who we are and what we are all about. I very strongly recommend becoming a member of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and using the resources on the PetSittingology website. I would also strongly recommend following the corresponding social media. The great ideas will literally be knocking down your door and they are applicable to all small and large pet-sitting businesses.

Thank you Joshua Cary, Petsittingology, & APSE

You have been very helpful and I thank you more than words can express.

Feb 02, 2013 by Harry Mahler


I wanted to thank you for all your help over the course of the last few weeks. Your course is just what the Doc ordered and I love the simplicity of the course yet all the great information and resources. It is well worth the money and more importantly there really is a relationship behind the course. You have been very helpful and I thank you more than words can express.

Your website package is Excellent, I love that you were there every step of the way and that you have been so responsive to all my questions. I look forward to working with you more down the road as we expand our site and I can truly say it is REFRESHING to have a site that I did not have to worry about building and putting tons of money and time into and still be frustrated.

Thank you and Pawtastic! -Harry

Your Pet Sitting Business Destination - PetSittingOlogy , USA 5.0 5.0 37 37 I purchased my Petsittingology web site less than a month ago and it’s up and running beautifully. Trust me when I tell you I’m no computer expert so I did my due diligence.

A Note from Joshua Cary – Founder, PetSittingOlogy

These reviews make everything I do worth while. My goal is always to bring simplicity, strategy and strength to your world. I see too many pet sitters working too hard with the wrong tools, systems and resources. Business can be much easier!

Through PetSittingOlogy, I offer a variety of products and services that will make your life better and your pet sitting business run smoother.

What ever it is you need, please look around my pages and see if I can help. Plus, I’m always available to speak further.



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