Pet Sitting Websites FAQ

How much is the pet sitter website and what does it include?

The total investment is just $19.94 per month. You receive a complete, fully functioning WordPress-powered website for pet sitters including the following features and benefits:

  • Set-up – add unlimited pages, all the bells and whistles, just insert your page content.
  • SEO Ready – You know search engine optimization is key to your business success. Landing in Google is something we take seriously on your behalf.
  • Web hosting – which means you’ll never need to pay another separate hosting bill again.
  • Tech support – from people active in the social media and pet sitting industries.
  • Members only private area – get your questions or issues resolved quickly and professionally.
  • Training videos – you will not have to rely on a designer who may be difficult to get a hold of, or who doesn’t return calls, anymore!
  • Ongoing education – you will remain in control of your website (just the way it should be).

Is there a contract with your site? Can I cancel at any time?

There are absolutely no contracts to sign with us. You simply pay month-to-month and you can cancel anytime you wish and owe nothing further.

Can I work on my site from any computer (for example, office computer, laptop, etc.) or do I need a special program?

You can work on your WordPress-powered website from ANY internet-connected computer, including your home or office desktop, your laptop and even through your smart phone. No special software or programs will need to be downloaded or installed. Simply access your password-protected dashboard page online and you are ready to go.

Can I keep my current business email address (for example: with my new website?

Yes, indeed. If you already have an email address associated with your current website, you can continue to use it with your new website. On the same note, if you’d like to begin using your business email address with your new site, we will help you set that up, too. (See following question.)

I do not currently have a business email address but would like to set up an email account for my new website when my site goes live. Will this be easy to do?

Yes, this is one of the simplest things to achieve. When you are ready to start using your new email address, just let us know what email address you want created and we will set it up for you so you can begin using it through any of your favorite email programs.

If I already have a website, can I use the same domain name (web address) or do I need a new one.

You will continue to use the exact same domain name and web address that you currently have. (You will not need to purchase a new domain name!) The way it works is simple: When you sign up with us, in 2-3 days you will receive your welcome email guiding you to your new website so you can begin customizing it.

You will basically be working on it online ‘behind the scenes.’ Your current website will not be affected at all by this process. Once you are ready to go live with your new WordPress-powered website, we will walk you through the one change you need to make to your domain name.

Will I need to transfer my domain name to you?

No. Your domain name will remain exactly where it is. When you are ready to go live with your new site, you will need to change one setting from your domain name registrar (the place where you purchased your domain name (GoDaddy, etc). As always, we remain close to walk you through any part of the process you need assistance with.

What if I do not yet have a domain name (web address)?

If you do not currently have a website domain name, you can order one from us during the checkout process. A domain name costs only $10 per year.

My current website builder is very difficult to use. Is using WordPress ‘unfriendly,’ inflexible or difficult to learn?

Not at all. WordPress has been around for years and only continues to grow in the number of sites that choose to use WordPress. Some of the top known brands use and rely on WordPress because it so simple and powerful to use. If you can create a Microsoft Word document, you can use WordPress. It is literally a breeze to use WordPress. We also have a growing section of video tutorials and documents to help you along.

What if I mess up my website design (or do something wrong)?

Your WordPress website automatically saves all changes and drafts made to your pages. So, if you ever need to go back to an older version of a page, you can do that with one click of your mouse. Plus, with our “You Can’t Break It If You Tried!” guarantee, we will personally fix any error or issue that you can’t solve yourself.

Will my site be backed up somewhere?

Yes, your entire WordPress website is automatically backed up on a regular basis to an off-site location. We use and rely on the S3 cloud-based system to hold your back-up files (like hundreds of Fortune 500 companies do too). Should anything happen to your site or our servers, we can quickly recover all the needed files for you.

Will my new WordPress website have the same features as my current site?

The entire WordPress pet sitting website system we created for you is based on the exact success that Joshua Cary received from his own pet sitting business, Alitia’s Animals. We took every element from that site and literally incorporated it into this new platform for you. We made certain to include elements such as the embedded contact form on every page, the big call-to-action, the fading testimonial box, social networking icons, unlimited photo galleries, a homepage slideshow, and an easy way to add logos to the footer section of your pages to quickly build trust and confidence with your visitors. You receive all these directly out of the box. If you ever want a new feature incorporated into your site, all you have to do is ask!

What exactly will I have to do to get my new site up and running?

Once you place your new order with us, we immediately begin working to set up your server space and to deliver your complete 8-page website. From there, you will need to copy and paste the text of your old website into your new site (we’ll show you how to do this) and fill in a few optional choices to make your site even better — like choosing your background color, picking a font, adding social media integration and a photo gallery. It’s all plug and play. Your new site is designed to be completely 100% customizable by you in any way you want. There are literally no limitations to what you can achieve. But at the bare minimum, simply add your own content to the pages and you can be up and running quickly.

Will I lose any of my current content by switching over to this new website?

Not at all. It’s all your choice. If you want to keep all of your current content, that’s great. You will simply copy and paste your current content over to your new site pages. Or, you can pick and choose to keep only some of your pages and decide to create some new page content. Whether you decide to keep every piece of content or start from scratch, you will quickly find that working in the WordPress system is as easy as it gets.

Will I be able to keep the same look and feel as my current website, and to keep my current branding?

Yes. If you already have a website brand established with your logo and color scheme, you will be able to easily replicate that from inside WordPress. You are given a very easy way to use your current logo, to choose any background color you wish, and even the ability to upload a background image if you want. Remember, WordPress is one of the most powerful and flexible tools online. Most anything can be achieved quite easily.

How will switching sites affect my search ranking?

We take your current search engine rankings very seriously. If you currently have solid rankings in the search engines, you can expect your position to remain intact since we follow the exact recommended Google guidelines for updating your site design. You don’t need to worry about losing your search listing. On the other hand, if you currently do not yet rank well in the search engines, you can expect your site to rise in the search rankings due to the search-optimized nature of your new site. Your new WordPress-powered pet sitting website comes fully optimized for the search engines.

What if I’m not very good with computers?

Perfect! Your new website was specially created to work out of the box for people with no website experience. We also include plenty of training videos to help you update it, and you are always free to contact us with any questions.

How does the transition work from my old website to my new website?

We have a special system where you can create your new site in a “beta test area” where you can get it exactly how you like it. Once you tell us it’s ready we’ll instantly flip the switch to make your new site live. There’s zero downtime or “under construction” period, you’ll go straight from your old website to your new one as soon as you’re 100% confident and feeling great about it.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

Yes! Your site was created to put the pet sitter back in control! You’ll be able to add pages, change photos, add blog posts, change the color scheme of your site and more with no previous WordPress or website experience.

I am very short on time. How much time will it take to get my new site up and running?

Let’s face it: Nobody has any spare time to begin working on a new pet sitting website, right? That is why within 2-3 days we literally hand you your new pet sitting website that is practically already completed for you! At the bare minimum, all you need to do is add your own content and your site is done. It’s ready to go live, ready for the search engines, and ready to greet your potential clients. On the other hand, you can also choose to spend a little more time on your site, as you wish. Remember, you are in full, complete control of every aspect. You can change, add, edit and delete pages at 3am if you wish. There is no need to email a designer and wait. You are given everything you need to take control of your brand new WordPress-powered pet sitting website that will delight your clients, delight Google and delight yourself. You can easily copy and paste your web content to your new site in one afternoon. Then just tell us you’re ready to flip the switch and we’ll make your new site live with zero downtime!

How much will I be able to customize my site?

We recommend that you stick with the lead-generation design that we provide you. However, we believe strongly that your site should be YOURS to do what you want with. So you’ll have full access to modify any part of your site without any roadblocks in your way.

Will I be able to add a Blog section to my new website?

Yes, and all in about 4 minutes. If and when you are ready to add a Blog (article) section to your website, WordPress handles this with ease. Don’t forget that WordPress launched some years ago as a blogging platform so everything you need is already built right into the system. We have a short (very short, in fact) tutorial that shows you what buttons to push inside your WordPress dashboard so you can activate the Blogging capability.

Will I be able to use (incorporate) Power Pet Sitter (or Quickbooks) into my new website?

Yes, without a problem. The WordPress system is designed to be as user-friendly as possible at every turn. Literally, if you can think about adding something to your website, it is very possible to do so. We provide an ongoing list of video tutorials and training manuals for a variety of tasks. If you can not find the answer to one of your needs, simply send us an email and we point you in the right direction.

Can I choose to use your system for another pet related site of mine besides pet sitting?

Absolutely. We will not put a restriction on how you can use your new WordPress website. If you have another business that you want to use this for, please do. Whether it’s another pet related business like pet photography, poop scooping, pet treats, pet clothing and accessories or something totally different, we welcome you to use our system. WordPress works like a charm in any way.


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