Workshop Training: How To Fill Your Pet Business with Your Ideal Clients Every Time

heart as a flame

What if you could easily give your potential clients exactly what they were hoping to discover on your website even before they arrived?

Here’s what I mean… I love magic. I’m a big fan of all kinds of card tricks.

You know those card tricks where you “pick a card, pick any card” and after a bit of story from the magician, your card amazingly appears in the most least expected of places?

Obviously, we are not dealing with any supernatural work at play. We are dealing with a person (the magician) who used years of practice and technique to give you the exact end result you were looking for (your card appearing).

It was rehearsed and deliberate.

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How Putting Up $38,000 For This Year’s Conference Scares the ‘Bejesus’ Out Of Me

scary ghost cookiesBack in 2012, I had the opportunity to head to Vegas for a much needed break.

While I’m never one to “turn off” completely, I knew that I’d love to be able to make some good ‘business’ use of my time away.

One idea lead to another, and within just 2 months, I put together what became the 1st Annual PetSittingLIVE conference.

It was over 2 full days, featured 8 speakers (including our good friend, Marcus Sheridan) and had 12 pet sitters over-joyed they showed up.

It was a success on every level. And like a drug, I was ready for more!

Since there were no formal sponsors at that event, the majority of the finances came out of my pocket.

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10 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Running a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business

frog in a tree

Do you love surprise parties?

I know some people who secretly wish that every year someone would throw them a surprise birthday party. And I know others who need to know everything up front and dislike any sort of surprise (including one that results in a party!).

Life is full of surprises. Personally, I enjoy navigating through life with a sense of wonder and enjoyment.

Business, however, is a different story. A successful business person will do a certain amount of research and preparation before investing their time, energy, and finances into any venture.

Starting a pet sitting business is no different.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a working, professional pet sitter, or are a seasoned pro, knowing what the road ahead looks like will keep you sane and successful.

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Make Your WordPress Website More Secure With This One Easy Change

secure your WordPress website

How much do you rely on your website to keep your business successful?

And what would happen if an evil person hacked into your pet sitting website and made it inaccessible?

You and I both view our websites as vital to the health of our business. Keeping it healthy and online is a requirement, at the bare minimum.

Having a WordPress-powered website is one of the smartest things you can do to help your business grow (for reasons I’ll spell out in another article).

But with any website, security is a daily responsibility. For those using my WordPress-powered SEO Template, you do not need to worry about security or the change spelled out in the video below.

We have several daily actions in place that keep your site, and the server, safe and secure.

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How to Make Certain What’s Obvious to you is also Obvious to your Website Visitors.

silica gel packet says do not eatMy wife brought home from the supermarket one of those raw crunchy kale snacks (I’m starting to love kale).

And surprisingly, inside I saw one of those silica gel packs apparently there to keep it fresh.

You may have typically seen these gel packs in things like beef jerkey, vitamin bottles, and boxes of new shoes.

And no matter where you find them including this kale treat, it has the words printed on the gel pack: Do Not Eat.

Each time I see those words I chuckle as I think who in the world would eat this? Isn’t it obvious…?

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Is Your Pet Sitting Contact Form Doing All It Can For You? [Video]

powerful thinker

If you can think it or dream it, it can be done.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Learn how to have your website contact form submissions sent to separate email accounts (to you and your team) based on what the potential client submits.

I’m sure you can relate: Since Day 1 of starting my pet sitting business, my website played an integral part to our overall success.

And more specifically, the fact that we had an embedded contact form in the sidebar across all pages also played a substantial role to our growth.

That become one of several ‘must haves’ I began preaching to pet sitters if they wanted to make small improvements to their current websites.

Naturally, when I began offering pet professionals a fully ‘done for you’ WordPress-powered SEO Template, a powerful embedded contact form was placed in the sidebar across all the pages.

RESOURCE: Read more about what’s included with your own WordPress website for pet sitters.

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3 Topics To Absolutely Help You Manage and Grow Your Business Better [Audio]

inside the mindDo you ever feel like your head is about to explode with all the thoughts, ideas, and conversations going on at once?

Yea, me too!

I happen to use the tool Evernote to document anything and everything I want to remember. This includes blog post topics, ideas, projects, notes, website resources, people I want to reach out to, to-do lists, etc.

What I found happening recently is that I have so many things just sitting in Evernote piling up (and essentially getting lost in the mix).

I figured I would fire up the mic and begin getting some of these topics out for you. Enjoy these 24 minutes during your day.

Full transcript follows, but the topics I discuss are:

-The 3 most useful tools you can use to gather email addresses from your website visitors.
-How beneficial is it to purchase additional domain names for your business?
-What makes Gmail so powerful as an integral part of your day-to-day sanity and success?

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Would You Honor The Same Rate As The Prior Pet Sitter?

tshirt rack

Price shoppers. We all deal with them on a more regular basis than we’d prefer.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and they all approach the subject differently.

Sometimes their price shopping tendencies show up early in the chat (which is great for us so we waste as little time as possible), while other times you’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone detailing every aspect of what you do and how you do it still only to met with resistance to your very reasonable rate.

My pet sitting business received the below service request recently and I think it’s a good one to discuss.

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Who Is Winning The Post-Holiday Pet Sitting Blues Fight?

empty office

Do you notice how some months are busier than others, while others seem to come to a grinding halt?

In our pet care industry, most pet sitters experience this sort of ebb and flow, but the trick is what to do when there is little to do?

After the Winter holidays, business can really slow down for a lot of us pet sitting business owners.

Everyone got their traveling done in November and December and now the kids are back in school, vacation days are gone from work and the post-holiday blues are starting to sink in.

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How to Attract New Clients and Fans Directly to Your Pet Sitting Business

broken bridge

Do you know the true definition of the word “fan”?

And more amazingly, did you know that a ‘fan’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘fanatic’?

So, when you are a fan of something, it suggests you are a fanatic of that thing.

As you know, the definition of a fan is: an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer. (Thanks,!)

Thinking about your own pet sitting business and client base, you probably have some true fans of your business, right?

You know those clients that sing your praises, love everything you do and how you do it, and can not live without you.

How wonderful would it be to have even more fanatics of your service?

It’s possible to follow a proven path to increase the chances of gaining many more fans of your business.

And it’s these fans that will keep you in business, keep you sane, and actually help grow your business with you.

This Video Clip Helps Get The Ball Rolling.

At the 2013 PetSittingOlogy Conference, we were lucky enough to have keynote speaker, Maribeth Kuzmeski kick off the event with her presentation, “And The Clients Went Wild! Strategies from the Playbooks of Successful Companies for Winning New Business.”

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