Pet Sitting Certification: Start or Grow Your Pet Business with PetSittingOlogy

Do what tens of thousands of other pet lovers have done and become a professional pet sitter :)

Have you ever thought of what exactly the professional pet sitter enjoys day in and day out?

(Hint: it begins with the incredible joy that caring for furry animals brings!)

“You really have a Great site! Anyone who asks me about how to start a Pet Sitting business I’ve sent them to your site. It’s probably the best I’ve seen. Congrats :]” –Beverly Duarte

Let Us Help You Create or Improve Your Pet Business!

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own pet sitting business, you are going to love this.

My name is Joshua Cary and my PetSittingOlogy Training Program is fully designed to bring you from where you are today to where you want to be within 45 days.

The comprehensive program includes everything you need to become and make a living from being a professional pet sitter and small business owner.

Access the course through your computer and each day you’ll be presented with a new lesson that builds on the previous ones.

Some of the topics you will master include:

  • Gaining a complete working knowledge of the pet sitting industry
  • Understanding how to run your small business from home
  • Exposing every quality of your ideal client
  • Distinguishing yourself from your competition
  • Choosing the right services to offer that fit your lifestyle
  • Creating the perfect business name for yourself
  • Setting prices and fees to remain profitable and affordable
  • Getting your logo designed within your budget
  • Building a website that both Google and your users will love
  • Setting up your new business email address
  • Gathering the needed forms, papers and documents to effectively run your business
  • …and everything in between!

You’ll also remain motivated and inspired through the topic worksheets – designed to keep you moving forward to your 45 day goal.

“Thanks so much!! You’re very helpful and I recommend you to other professional pet sitter friends, you’re awesome!! Thanks for sharing useful information.” -Angela Carlson

pet sitting lessons screen shot

It’s one thing to simply read how-to instructions or articles… It’s another thing to be given the knowledge and education with the ability to develop the needed skills through worksheets.

The worksheets can be printed and taken with you on the go. And each lesson comes with a printable PDF download so you can read it on the go.

Want to access the training program on your mobile device? Not a problem, either.

The clock is ticking. Where will YOU be in 45 days from today?

My 100% “It Will Happen” Promise and Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYou get results, or you pay nothing.

Mark my words: In 45 days from the time you begin this course, you will be ready to take your first pet sitting client – Guaranteed!

You will be celebrating the birth of your new pet sitting business – Guaranteed!

If after completing the PetSittingOlogy Training Program, you do not find yourself taking on your first pet sitting client, I will happily refund your complete tuition fee. However, I will ask to see your completed worksheets to determine exactly where the issue is.

You see, this course works when motivated individuals apply the daily lessons. This industry and this program is not for those looking to get rich quick.

It is designed for those looking for a legitimate career change. If this sounds like you, take me up on my guarantee. Jump in and look forward to a near-future life spent making your own rules, being your own boss, and getting to enjoy the life working with adorable pets.

“Hi Joshua, I have already found this so useful. Just the basic knowledge of “call people back and respond” has made the world of difference. I have already gotten a few clients because I answered the phone and got back to people, even if it was last minute. I’m looking forward to learning more.” — Chris Barlow, Owner, Aussie Pet Sitter

“Will This Work For Me?”

The complete course is taken from the exact path that I used in my own pet sitting business to reach $100,000 in services during the first year.

I only tell you that so you know that the program works. Plus, read what Chris wrote above. She is a pet sitter in Australia. I’m a pet sitter in New York.

The methods, techniques and lessons I will teach you are universal and will work no matter where you are located or what your goals are.

The Benefits You Receive As Part Of Your Membership

And no worries — we will literally hold your hand and walk you through any aspect you need help with. That’s what we do best at PetSittingOlogy.

Step-by-Step Roadmap

pet sitting roadmapThe core of the PetSittingOlogy program consists of 30+ lessons designed to get you up and running — as efficiently as possible — as a professional pet sitter while making money. You’ll begin with an overview of the pet sitting industry, then immediately begin to create your business. Each week you’ll see significant progress, as you witness your business taking shape. Our goal is to position you as the obvious choice by developing every aspect of your business in a creative, authentic and professional manner. We finish by focusing exclusively on the most powerful marketing tool for gaining new clients: your website. This is where you’ll outshine the competition and impress your clients with outstanding work. (That is the secret to a thriving business and what keeps clients coming back.)

Your Personal Webmaster

personal webmasterIf we expect your website to work overtime for your business while bringing in the majority of your new clients, we better be ready to help build such an outstanding and effective website, wouldn’t you think? That’s where Joshua comes in! With more than 12 years of web developing experience, you can be sure you (and your website code) are in good hands. You’ll be given the whole kit and kaboodle to make certain your website performs up to industry standards. (This is Joshua’s passion — he’d have it no other way.)

Website Optimization

pet sitting website optimizationWe’re proud to say that we’ve amassed over $100,000 in pet sitting services during the first year since we started Alitia’s Animals (our own pet sitting business). The majority of that income was achieved strictly through our pet sitting website. A properly created website will be the difference between a struggling business and a successful pet sitting business complete with a steady stream of clients. I’ve created and profited from several business websites and will work one on one with you to make sure your website delivers. Launching a website that gets results from Google without spending a ton of money on advertising is possible. We’ll work together to build and optimize your website so you can receive significant traffic without spending significant ad dollars.

Pet Sitting Forms

pet sitting formsNobody needs to drown themselves in forms and contracts. We’ve run our pet sitting business successfully with just a handful of forms. It keeps the clients happy and allows you to operate your business at peak performance. You’ll be handed the exact forms and contracts we continue to use to this day. Download the pack in Word or PDF format, add your logo if you wish, and make it your own. Open for business as soon as you’re ready with no time or money wasted.

Listen To Our Phone Calls

phone callsKind of frightened to take your first phone call with a client? No need to be. Download and listen to one of our pre-recorded phone calls from an actual client. Quickly gain the confidence needed to start building your own client base. No more dreading opening for business while frozen with fear. You’ll be prepared, relaxed and comfortable in no time knowing what a typical call sounds like. We also hand you our phone script to use (read more below).

Phone Script and Email Templates

pet sitter templatesThere’s never a reason to re-invent the wheel here. If something works, it works. Learn how to communicate and correspond with potential clients with our phone script. Get comfortable before you even take your first phone call. Need to respond via email? We hand you email templates that effectively communicate, including a ‘Welcome Home’ email that will excite clients to provide a wonderful testimonial about your service.

Content/Article Library

content libraryEstablishing expertise in this industry can give you the competitive edge you need to win more clients. In our content library, you have complete access to over 50 dog-related articles to claim as your own and use any way you wish. Choose to include them in a monthly newsletter, send them to your favorite clients, or publish them to your website or blog. Put your name on them and quickly become the expert in your client’s eyes.

One-on-One Coaching & Support

pet sitter supportSo what does a tasty ice cream bar have to do with coaching and support? We believe they both make you feel better about things, keep you on track and help put things in perspective by giving you a gentle push when you need it most. In any case, as you know, we are here specifically to help you succeed. Call us your coach, mentor, advisor, partner or friend. We are actively available every step of the way for advice, clarification, specific questions, or pep talks. We take as much pride in your business as you do. There’s no doubt your pet sitting business will be a reflection of us, and our aim is to watch it bloom from a tiny little seedling into a legitimate and profitable pet sitting business!

“Joshua, I love your site and have gotten a lot out of it.” -Jody Rusell