How do you handle the initial in-home free consultation?

There are truly many ways to go from the first phone call with a potential client to the first day of service.

Many details need to be worked out including receiving payment – do you collect before, during or after the consult?

Do you get the keys at the consultation? Or do you have to make a second trip for them?

How and when does the client fill out your service agreement and forms? Is it on paper, or a digital copy on your computer?

(It’s all about efficiency and streamlining your day-to-day business operations.)

Inside this video, I show you the way my pet sitting business handles the initial in-home consultation.

I first lay out the OLD way we used to do things (which became draining on our resources) versus our new way that literally requires a paid deposit to show good faith.

Watch this video, and let’s compare…

Have You Perfected Your Process?

Is your Point A (the very first chat with a potential client) to Point B (the first day of service) working as planned? Share your secrets.

Or do you find yourself struggling to make one of the many steps in between work?

What questions do you have for other pet sitters about how to best handle all the small details?

Please comment below.

  • Barbie

    I like your idea about the $25 deposit.  On the intitial consult I give a short explanation of our services.  I have found out if they were price shopping when I schedule a consult close to when they are leaving and explain that they have to have keys ready for the sitter during the consult.  This is where they “pipe up and” say they are price shopping.  So we don’t spend needless time with a client who is price shopping. 

    • Joshua Cary

      Oh, I see, Barbie.  So if I understand correctly, you will find out if they are price shopping before the consult by mentioning ‘have keys ready’ and send a sitter with that knowledge so they can adjust accordingly?

    • Ritareimers

      Thats exactly what I do, too.


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