Day 9

Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County, Indiana


My goals as your Animal Welfare League Executive Director are many, but a primary thread that weaves through all those goals of mine, includes a strong devotion to the animals in this shelter. I happen to like the word “shelter” for that is exactly what we hope to provide…a place of safety and shelter for the animals in our care. Our mission statement is important. I would like to share it with you. The MISSION of the Animal Welfare League is to provide first-class care for the animals in our charge and to challenge our community to do the same.

Editor’s Note:

The YouTube video below is from October 2008, when a local news station did a story on the Animal Welfare League. It primarily focuses on a shelter’s all too often dilemma: overcrowding.

It’s simple logic – too many pets coming in, not enough going out to a good home. Admittedly, the shelter has no choice but to put down otherwise good animals that, if room permitted, would have had more time to spend on this earth.

No matter how you feel about “kill vs no-kill” shelters, the bottom line is the same: Just 17% of pet owners rescue an animal from a pet shelter, while the remaining 83% opt for a breeder (most commonly a ‘puppy mill’).

You will be surprised at the quality of dogs and cats at most rescue groups in your area. My wife and I recently rescued a stunning Golden Retriever/Lab mix who couldn’t be more sweet. Give a shelter in your area a chance.

PS – The opening jingle on the Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County‘s website is adorable…

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