cat napWho knew that one of the best sleep aid tools I have found for myself might also be incredible useful for pets?

Allow me to explain…

I’m not sure exactly how this came to be, but for many years now I find in near impossible to fall asleep in complete silence.

I use and require the aid of a white noise maker.

I’ve heard some like those machines that make the sound of the ocean, a rainstorm or the jungle.

Personally, I prefer simple white noise (practically like static sound).

Since I don’t have my white noise maker anymore, I went online to see what solutions I could find and wouldn’t you know there are entire websites dedicated to creating a variety of white noise directly from your computer.

The best one I found (and currently use to fall asleep) is SimplyNoise.

Is White Noise Good For Pets?

I then did a bit of research and discovered that white noise can be extremely beneficial to our pets, too.

Think how the use of this can help drown out the noise of a thunderstorm to a fearful pooch.

Or how a dog that likes to bark at cars passing or other outside distraction can relax by not even hearing it.

So, now it’s your turn.

What do you think? Do you know of any specific ways you might be able to offer this tool (solution) to your clients’ pets.

Are you currently leaving the TV or radio on as a way to achieve a similar result?

Leave a comment for the community below.

Image Courtesy of Flickr’s dominiqs’

  • Dedi

    We always leave the TV on in all rooms for the dogs to drown out outside noise…The radio is on in the living room at night..and a TV is on in my bedroom at night to help me fall asleep…..both my husband and I both have to fall asleep to people noise…


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