Case Study: How You Can Rank in Google for the Keyword ‘Pet Sitting’

Are you looking to rank higher in Google results for a specific keyword?

Do you wonder why you may not be ranking at all for certain keywords?

I receive a variety of questions from pet sitters and this topic is quite possibly the most popular subject I am asked.  And, it’s one that I most enjoy speaking on.

SEO (search engine optimization), websites, and ranking in Google are all important conversations to have.

In a recent thread inside our Private Facebook group for PSO clients, pet sitter John Buttner of Specialized Pet Services in Omaha, Nebraska said he was having a difficult time ranking high in Google for certain keywords.

I asked which keywords and he wrote “The keywords would be pet sitting, dog boarding, pet sitter, doggie daycare, pet boarding, pet care.[Read more…]

4 Proven Examples On How To Market Your Pet Sitting Business To Your Community

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In terms of marketing your business I can think of 1 quote: “These times they are a changin’.”

I would actually say they have already changed and to successfully market your business you need to adapt to the new marketing landscape. You’ve heard us talk about adding content, blogging, posting videos etc to up your online presence.

What about the other side of the marketing coin?  Is it still important to pound the pavement and get in front of people?  Definitely!

But that has changed too!  When is the last time you called a number that was printed on a pen? [Read more…]

How Exactly is a Pet Sitter Website from PetSittingOlogy SEO Optimized?

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There are many moving parts to an effective, SEO-ready website that consistently ranks high in Google and inspires more of your visitors to take action and make contact with you.

When you choose to have a website built with PetSittingOlogy, you receive a fully done-for-you, WordPress-powered, SEO-ready, mobile-friendly and ready to go website.

We take pride in the sites we build for the industry, because we have found them to work well.  And by “work well” we mean that they are carefully crafted both behind the scenes and on the front pages to make Google happy and to make your ideal clients happy.

So, how exactly do we achieve a website that works well for you? [Read more…]

Google Called and Wants Me To Verify My Business Listing: Is This Legit?

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You already know that running a business takes a great deal of focus, passion and determination.  And you know that it takes plenty of knowledge, insight and common sense.

Sometimes, even for the best of us, those qualities get tested.

The point?

(Keep reading and you can listen in on an actual recorded call from one of these companies!)

Have you yet received a call from Google (or someone claiming to be from Google) asking you to claim or confirm your Google Business Listing details?

I got one of these calls recently and have the entire chat recorded so you can finally see what is the motivation behind the call.

Chances are you have either gotten that call already or had a message left for you on the matter. [Read more…]

More Pricing Strategies For Pet Sitters

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When we published this article here about 2 things to help you come up with a pricing structure, we knew that it didn’t cover the whole picture.  It was just 2 trees in the forest of price.  It was even mentioned in the article that there are other, variable factors that can help you determine price and that that particular article would only address 2.

Today’s article, however, delves into the forest and we will talk about other things you need to take into consideration when determining your answer to “how much do you cost?”.

The original article started a wonderful dialogue with Anthony Mucci, owner of Daily Dog Walkers in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and he had much to add to the conversation about what to charge pet clients.  He has coached many pet sitters, both new comers to the industry and established companies. [Read more…]

Why Negative Reviews Are Great For Your Pet Sitting Business

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Do you cringe if you get a bad review?  Do your hackles go up?  Do you worry that it is going to ruin your business and prevent you from getting new clients?

What if it is actually a good thing to get a bad review?

While everyone wants their business to have perfect 5-star reviews, studies have shown that what works best is a mix of high AND low reviews. [Read more…]

The Million Dollar Pet Sitter: How Beth Greenberg Reaches $1million in Pet Services [Training Video]

the Puzzle to pet sitting success

Think it’s possible for your business to reach one million dollars in pet sitting services?

Think it’s possible hit that milestone year after year?

We didn’t think so either!

While I’ve heard of many successful pet sitting companies breaking the six-figure mark (over $100,000), I’ve never heard of one breaking seven-figures (over $1 million) is services.

That is, until I met Beth Greenberg, co-owner of All Friends Pet Care (serving Northern Virginia). You could imagine that I would welcome the chance to sit down with Beth and pick her brain on all things “HOW”! [Read more…]

Pricing Strategies For Pet Sitters – 2 Questions To Ask Yourself When Wondering What You Should Charge


One of the most common questions we get from potential clients is of course “How much do you cost?”.

It’s a question that we often ask when making a purchasing decision.  How many people sort their shopping list on Amazon “from lowest price to highest?” .  I don’t know that I’ve ever bought the lowest priced item but I definitely compare the VALUE of my options.

One of the most common questions pet sitters ask is “How much should I charge?” $10? $20?  $22.50? $45.00? [Read more…]

3 Steps You Need to Follow to Make Sure Your Blogs and Content are Working Properly

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I met a ton of people from all over the world at the recent Copyblogger Rainmaker conference.

I was a bit surprised that there were not more entrepreneurs, small business owners, niche marketers – I met a lot of people in the content marketing field already and it felt a little like CB may have been preaching to the choir.

The people who could really benefit from content marketing are the little guys, content is a great way for David to beat Goliath.

Why don’t more small businesses embrace content?

And then I sat next to a Librarian. And I chatted with a man who was opening up a meditation retreat center. These were my people! [Read more…]

How to Give More in Value To Your Pet Clients So You Can Become More Successful: Discussion with Bob Burg

Josh Cary and The Go-Giver book

Do you ever wonder how certain pet business owners become so successful when it appears to come naturally to them?

It’s often the small, subtle acts of service that have accumulated over time to produce an incredible result.

This is the same concept that a farmer experiences, for example. A farmer will plant seeds, tend to the crops, water the soil, and a hundred other things in order to get the desired result.

Many of these small steps are less than glamorous and often unrewarded. No immediate result is seen…


The fruits of your labor pay off. Literally. [Read more…]